Group Childbirth Education Classes in McKinney

Attuned Doula Services is excited to announce our newest service- group childbirth education classes. Group classes will be a one-day, 9-hour class with a catered lunch and will be conveniently located in McKinney.

North Texas families have expressed a desire for group classes, designed for modern families and their unique choices. We will continue to offer private classes for families who want a more individualized experience, but once a month there will be an option for a group class. Information will be presented by our certified childbirth educator without judgment or gimmicks, in an easy to understand, “How, When & Why?” format. The discussions, questions and sharing that come with a group class will help you to form genuine connections and lasting friendships with other expectant families in our community.

These classes are a great choice for clients planning a natural or unmedicated birth, but they are not just a “natural childbirth class” and will prepare you for making the best choices for your family on your big day. This class is for you whether you’re planning to labor without medication, with the help of an epidural or medication or even a planned cesarean birth. Our childbirth educator and doulas are knowledgeable on and experienced with all types of labors and births and are available to answer any questions you have about the planned and unexpected choices that might arise for your baby’s birthday.

You are the best decision maker for your family and you will leave this class feeling confident and realistically prepared for your best birth experience at your chosen facility. Whether you are delivering with obstetricians or midwives in Frisco, Plano or McKinney these classes are for you. We welcome all families and are so excited to help you welcome your new baby! Contact us today to register for the class that works best for you.