Antepartum Doulas 

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Doulas for Pregnancy

Sometimes you need a little extra help while you're still pregnant. You might be on bed rest or struggling with pregnancy complications like hyperemesis gravidarum or high blood pressure. Maybe you're just exhausted and have your hands full with work or little ones. Our antepartum doulas work in hourly shifts and can accompany you to appointments, run errands, help with shopping for last minute baby things, set up the nursery and just keep you company during bed rest. We are an unbiased, ear to listen and a helping hand to do things exactly the way you want them done. 

We want you to feel as prepared as you can for your baby's arrival, so we are ready to help in whatever ways you need during your pregnancy. You might be able to do it all on your own, but you shouldn't have to! Call us today to see how we can make your life a little bit easier during the last few months of pregnancy.