Birth Doulas

Times are changing and modern families want more from their birth experience. Everything you need to make the very best choices for your birth is already within you and our labor doulas are there to support you, your way. We are so excited to help you meet your baby! With an understanding of the unique care you need from our prenatal meetings with you, and collaborative care with your nurses and healthcare provider, we are able to bring your birth support full circle. Our doulas have the most up to date information and policies at your chosen hospital, because birth and babies are what we do best. 

Whatever path your labor and birth take, your doula will guide you every step of the way. Her training and experience make her an expert in attuning to your needs and helping you and your partner to feel supported. You are guaranteed  24-7 phone support from the time she is hired, until she is with you in person. She will join you whenever you are ready to call for her in labor, at your home or your birthing place and will stay with you until your baby is here and you are settled in as a family. A few days after you are home, she will meet you there for a postpartum visit to check in and see how everyone is adjusting. 

 We support all birth plans; unmedicated, cesarean, epidurals, water birth and everything in between. We attend births at all hospitals and birth centers in our service area and look forward to meeting your chosen care provider. Our birth doulas in McKinney, Frisco, and Plano area are here to support you in whatever your birth story looks like, with a calming presence and reassurance at every turn. 

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Call us at (210) 867-5848 to set up your complimentary consult today! 

Attuned Birth Doulas Provide:

  • Unbiased and Always Nonjudgmental Support
  • Nonmedical Pain Coping Techniques
  • Relaxation 
  • Medical Pain Relief Information
  • Reassurance and Affirmation 
  • Information and Options
  • Emotional Support 
  • Guidance for Partners
  • Continuous Support 
  • Knowledge of Your Hospital's Policies
  • Comfort Measures with an Epidural