What is a Doula? {The Attuned Doula Difference}

We are often (daily) asked what a doula is. A phenomenal answer to that question comes from none other than the Rock n’ Roll Doula herself, Randy Patterson.

“A trained person without an emotional attachment to the family, offering supportive services, in an unbiased, nonjudgmental way. This is done in exchange for a fee that is equivalent to the time, energy, commitment and sacrifice they make.”-Randy Patterson

At Attuned Doula Services our doulas are unique in the service they provide, because their focus is on attuning to your specific needs and individual choices. They are uniformly trained through ProDoula, the most up to date and modern doula certifying agency for professional accountability and standards. When you hire an Attuned Doula, you are getting a professional who will collaborate with your medical provider and be a part of your birth team! She will provide you with guidance and support that comes with no agenda or judgment. She is not an activist or an advocate for you- she is there to support you as you advocate for yourself.

Your doula is trained to listen to your feelings, plans and wishes and help you to facilitate your best birth and postpartum experience. This looks different for each family and no matter your choices, your doula will be with you every step of the way. Her ability to nurture you, while you nurture your growing family is unmatched.

You are in control and she is there for you. Think of her as your own personal pregnancy and postpartum assistant, on-call for you 24-7 and ready to meet you where you are. 

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