Attuned Doula Services Featured in Voyage Dallas Magazine


Voyage Dallas Magazine features “The Most Inspiring Stories in Dallas” in their online publication. They truly capture the voice and spirit of local small business owners, freelancers and artists. We had the opportunity to share our story this month and in return, we were able to nominate some of our favorite entrepreneurs in DFW. We hope to see them featured soon!

“…My pregnancy with her was physically very difficult, but from a rehabilitation standpoint, I was doing great. She made me realize that I wanted to do everything I could to get back to my career as a doula and to give expecting families the same nonjudgmental, compassionate support I had been given. I wanted to leave a legacy for her and show her that no matter what obstacles come her way, she has everything within her needed to power on and persevere. Attuned Doula Services was born out of a desire to meet new parents where they are, reduce their fears and instill confidence as they navigate pregnancy, birth and the early months of parenting.”

To read the rest of our story, click here. Thank you so much to Voyage Dallas and to Dr. Amber Galipp of Legacy Family Chiropractic for nominating us.