Our Doulas Are Team Players

We know you put a lot of thought into hiring a doula. You did your research, just like you did when you picked your health care provider. You found someone you could trust to be by your side on the most important day of your life, to support you and to support your family.

Our clients benefit from an agency of doulas who build bridges with healthcare providers and birth facilities. We are reaching out to build relationships with doctors, midwives, nurses and staff members of the practices you choose. Our focus is on cohesive, collaborative care with all providers.

The foundation of these relationships is respect and appreciation. A respect for your provider as the expert on the medical aspects of your care. An appreciation for their tireless work and desire to help their patients. We trust that you have chosen the best provider and birth facility for your family and for that reason, you’ll never hear us say, “we don’t attend births at abc” or “we don’t work with Dr. xyz”. We are the doulas taking coffee to your OB, having breakfast with your midwives and hugging your phenomenal nurse on our way out the door from your birth. We are purposeful in our efforts to get to know our local healthcare providers. Last week it was Craig Ranch OB Gyn and this week it is McKinney OB Gyn. We are visiting their offices, talking with their staff and providers and learning how to best serve you, our clients. We are touring your birthing facilities ahead of time, so we are confident and efficient on your big day.

Our number one goal is for you to feel supported, nurtured and satisfied with your experience. This can’t happen if your doula finds herself in opposition of your healthcare provider, undermines your nurses or encourages you to disregard their recommendations. This dynamic makes things harder for the provider, harder for the doula and harder for you. We are here to round out your birth team by bringing your care full circle with emotional support, guidance in decision making and unbiased information. We strongly believe the best way to support you unconditionally is to work with every person you have chosen for your birth team. We are all in it for you.