Four Organization Ideas for Baby Things

Full-disclosure, I have never been a very organized person. I am a faithful stack addict and I have no problem getting dressed straight out of a laundry basket in the morning, but I am trying to do better for my minimalist husband. We joke that I am the Type B- to his Type A, but he knew what he was signing up for. 

Since adding a tiny human to our home a year ago, we have acquired a lot of “stuff”. There is kid stuff in my living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, nursery and car. It seems to be never ending, but I have found a few organization tips for baby things that are helping to tame it. I’m even less creative than I am organized, so I skipped Pinterest label ideas and went straight to Amazon for a label maker and it has made this process kind of fun. These are 4 baby organization ideas that have made our lives easier and our house a little more functional.

Bottle Station

I set our bottle organization station up on a tiny counter that wasn’t ever used. When I was pumping, we had a crazy amount of bottles and pump parts. It helped us quite a bit to keep that stuff under control with a dishwasher basket, drying rack and bottle basket for storing everything. I even kept breastmilk storage bags and plenty of Sharpies with the bottles. That station has now transitioned to sippy cups, tiny dishes and bibs, but it keeps things right where I need them and saves us cabinet space.


Extra Diaper Changing Area

We have a changing table attached to the crib in the nursery, but I don’t go up to the front of the house often, so I wanted a changing area in my bedroom also. I took advantage of the empty space on my dresser and purchased a changing pad, Diaper Genie and storage basket to keep there. We have diapers, diaper cream, wipes and baby lotion right there for after bath time, which is also in our bedroom. Too keep things easy, we keep all of her pajamas and extra overnight diapers in a storage cube in our bedroom too.

Closet Door Shoe Organizer for Clothes

I bought an over-the-door shoe organizer to keep all of her outfits right where we can see them. This week, I added labels for each row so it’s easier to just grab something quickly. This little girl likes to paint herself with her lunch at daycare, so we have specific clothes just for that and some of her nicer clothes for when we need her to look a little less feral. There is also a separate bin of play clothes for when we’re just hanging out at home. My husband gets her up and dressed every day, so I try to make his routine a little easier to thank him for the extra sleep I get.

Car Survival Kit

I have basket in my car with everything I need in case of a blowout emergency. Last weekend we were in my husband’s car and had an unfortunate, baby poop incident in a Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot that traumatized us all, so now I’ve made him a basket too. In case the diaper bag is ever forgotten or you realize too late that you’re out of wipes, it’s a good idea to have a kit in each car that has diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, and plastic bags. Pro-tip: keep a roll of paper towels in there too and maybe a change of clothes for yourself, just in case. (I’ve added that last one since the “incident” last weekend and its effect on my favorite leggings)

What are your favorite organization ideas for baby things?