What if I Don’t Want to Surrender in Labor?

There is something to be said for the metaphorical duck calmly gliding through the water, but frantically paddling its feet beneath the surface. Some people are really good at hiding their anxieties, fears and tension and projecting an image of grace and control. I am one of them and I know it’s not always as easy as just relaxing in labor. An attuned doula will help you to unpack any fears you have and stay focused on the things you can control. This is your birth and your doula is your guide every step of the way, ensuring that you feel safe, nurtured and supported. The idea of letting go in labor is terrifying for some people, but it is possible to surrender to the process and also still very much be in control.

During pregnancy you have a baby that is depending on you for everything and it’s easy to get wrapped up in fears, what-ifs and self-doubt. Women are constantly being told what they need to expect, avoid, eat, and do in pregnancy. Our doulas are here to reassure you that you are enough and it is safe to just “be”.

If you’ve ever been floating in the pool or laying poolside and relaxed so much, that you fell asleep, you know that it’s possible to let go. Letting go in labor can be just as feasible with a doula by your side. Sometimes it only takes as little as a grounding touch, or permission to close your eyes and reassurance that when you open them, you won’t be alone. Whatever it takes for you to give yourself over to the process, your doula will do to help you relax, stay comfortable and just be present.

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