That's Not My Target Receipt...and Other Book Ideas for Parents

“Touchy feely” books are the ones my one-year-old daughter has loved the most. Her favorite book is That’s Not My Lamb, written by Fiona Watt and illustrated by Rachel Wells. It’s one of many in a series, so we also have That’s Not My Puppy and That’s Not My Kitten. I just bought her, That’s Not My Dinosaur, as an Easter gift and I’m sure we’ll have it memorized just as quickly as the others. Although our daughter still tries to eat her books when we aren’t looking, she will completely tune-in when we open That’s Not My Lamb. She loves to listen along to “That’s not my lamb! Its spots are too fluffy…its back is too fuzzy…”, turn the pages and touch the different textures on each page. It’s pretty neat to watch her go through the book and go back to her favorite pages. 

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