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In-Home Counseling

According to the CDC, an average of 15% of new mothers experience postpartum depression and some research is showing that more women than that could be suffering from postpartum anxiety. It's not exclusive to women or birth parents either- it can affect the other parent too. Having a baby is such a monumental transition, this is a whole-person cascade of change. You go through physical, hormonal, emotional and even relationship changes. We have always thought every new parent would benefit from just one session with a mental health counselor, to process their birth experience and to talk through their feelings and unexpected changes. 

To make that more feasible and comfortable for families with new babies, we now have a Licensed Professional Counselor at Attuned Doula Services who provides sessions in your home. This service can be reimbursed by some health insurance plans, so if you think you might need to talk to someone or just want to try to prevent depression from creeping in or manage the things that are making you anxious, call us to set up an appointment with our counselor today!