Welcome Home Package

Clients who choose the Welcome Home Package enjoy a first night at home that is designed to help them feel pampered, nurtured and confident as they settle in as a family. New parents and even some seasoned parents often have a moment when they leave the hospital, where they think, "what now?" With this package, your postpartum doula is on-call when you are discharged and will meet you at home. She will help you get comfortable, make sure you have something to eat and tidy up the house. She can put away your bags and help you get ready for the baby's next feeding. When it's time for bed, she'll tuck you in and care for the baby so everyone gets a full night of rest. Your doula will be with you for a one-time, 10 hour shift overnight to help, listen and answer any questions you might have. You deserve the very best first night home as a family. To get on our schedule for a Welcome Home Package, call us at (210) 867-5848 as early in pregnancy as you would like! It's never too soon to plan for solid sleep. 

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