5 Things To Do the Day Before Your Induction

So you’re going to be induced…this baby is really coming! Knowing you’re going into the hospital for an induction (or cesarean) is exciting, but it can bring up some anxiety and a big dose of reality. We like to have a phone call with our clients the day before their induction starts to talk about how they’re feeling, what the plan is and when to call us to join them. During this call, we try to remind them of a few things they can do to prepare for their induction and labor. If you’re wondering what to do the day before an induction or scheduled cesarean, I want to share a few ideas with you all too!

1.     Pamper Yourself

Take a long, Epsom salt bath to relax. If you’re into pedicures, go get a pedicure or do an at-home manicure. Go get one last (or your first) prenatal massage. Eat your all-time favorite meal and savor the quiet. Indulge a little. 

2.     Take Pictures

induce labor.jpg

Maybe you had a maternity photo shoot with one of the best photographers in DFW or you didn’t love the way you looked, so you didn’t take many pregnancy pictures at all. Think about taking one today. Take pictures with your partner or big kids. Pose for one last picture of your baby bump. They can be a sweet reminder of how you felt the day before your family grew by one (or multiples).

3.     Double Check Your Hospital Bag

I’m sure your hospital bag has been packed for a few weeks…if it hasn’t, I won’t tell. This is a good time to double check it not just for necessities, but for your favorite things. There are lists all over the internet of what to pack in your hospital bag for birth, but we like to tell clients to take their favorite lotion, lip balm, snacks and pillow with them. Take your favorite nightgown for after the baby is born and if you want to glam up for pictures, your favorite eye shadow palette and lipstick.

4.     Cuddle Up Together

Whether it’s your partner, your fur baby or big kids with you, cuddle up and get the oxytocin flowing to help you relax and enjoy this last night of pregnancy at home. If it’s just you and your partner, snuggle up and get romantic. Enjoy a foot rub and binge a few comedians on Netflix or funny shows on Hulu. Laughing, touching and kissing all release oxytocin and we need plenty of it for labor.

5.     Go to Bed Early

We know sleep is elusive at the very end of pregnancy. It will be even harder to sleep in the hospital. Delivery beds are notoriously uncomfortable, nurses come and go, monitors beep and blood pressure cuffs go off regularly. Your nurses will do everything they can to help you rest, but it’s best if you can come in well-rested. Do things that help you relax for bed. Use some lavender if that’s your thing, listen to meditations for sleep on Apple Music or YouTube, read for a while or practice some yoga breathing techniques to fall asleep

Take this time to do all of the things that make you feel warm and cozy and honor this last day you'll be pregnant at home. What would you add to this list?